Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The MobiCloud Blog

Welcome to our new blog. MobiCloud is an EU supported project developing the technology to deliver a European Corporate Appstore. The project website is www.mobicloudproject.eu

The aim of MobiCloud is to develop a cost-effective platform for making existing company back-end systems available to mobile workers, without the complexity and up-front cost that is normally associated with traditional mobile application development.

The project is utilizing existing cloud-based and web-based technologies to deliver a service-based model for a new kind of mobile application, that is intrinsically cross-platform and context-aware.

The project is initially looking at four case studies - city transit, rail, construction and field service. For each of these sectors we are looking to transform the way they currently work.

As the project is now in the last quarter of its first year there will be an increasing amount happening and this blog will be used to help disseminate our activities.