Friday, 18 October 2013

MobiCloud in Korea

The MobiCloud project was selected to take part in the first EU-Korea technical workshop in Seoul at the end of September.

The two-day workshop, hosted by Korean universities as well as representatives of the private sector, highlighted the current research activities in all participating countries in the field of cloud computing. In addition, multiple areas of collaboration between Korean and European partners were defined.

The MobiCloud project and the trial case studies were presented by Vladimir Bataev, the product portfolio manager from EsperantoXL. The presentation attracted substantial interest, particularly from enterprises that are looking into mobile solutions for their workforce.

In particular, the context-enabled features of mobile applications running on the MobiCloud platform resonated well with ongoing research and development around ubiquitous computing, "wearables", machine-to-machine communication and the internet of things (IoT).

MobiCloud was viewed as the perfect platform to bind these technologies together and deliver them to market, helping to meet the need for enterprises to find more innovative mobile solutions.

Other subjects covered during the workshop included advanced federated clouds, heterogeneous cloud computing and open source cloud developments.

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