Thursday, 14 November 2013

COMIT Mobile IT Conference - London

Martin Wilson from Appear presented MobiCloud at the COMIT Mobile IT Conference at the Institute of Physics in London on 7th November to an audience of around 100 delegates. The guests included representatives from software companies, integrators, government bodies and engineering organisations focused on the use of mobile technology in the construction industry. 

Aside from Martin's update on MobiCloud and the applications that would comprise the Enterprise Appstore for Construction, other keynote presentations were delivered from Cross Rail (who are using mobile to improve the efficiency of their ambitious project to build a major rail link across London), Costain (using Building Information Modelling in their operations) and the UK government - on the implementation of BIM in a number of UK central government departments.

Martin Wilson

At the start and end of the day delegates also saw two perspectives on the evolution and future of the mobile technology applicable to civil engineering and construction - from Phil Jackson of the Institute of Civil Engineers and Franci Rabuck (Technology Research Analyst and Futurist).


The content of the keynotes and speeches which included device evolution, new technology and working practices confirmed that MobiCloud's approach of using cloud, cross platform and context would be key to the future success of construction at implementing mobile technologies for the workforce.

For more information about the conference, including more photographs and the presentation slides, see COMIT's website or their blog.

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