Friday, 7 March 2014

MobiCloud attracts attention at IT-Trans

IT-Trans is a 3 day event which was held at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center from the 18th to 20th February. It attracted over 3,600 visitors from over 50 countries and showcased the best in IT solutions for public transport. 

Holger of Nettropolis speaks to Baden-Wurttemberg's Minister of Transport
The event was attended by MobiCloud consortium member Nettropolis who demonstrated a number of solutions including QualityScout which is built on the MobiCloud platform and is being used by the Karlsruhe Transport Company (VBK) on a trial basis.

Nettropolis attracted a lot of attention and received a visit from the Minister of Transport for Baden-Wurttemberg, which is the third largest of the sixteen German states. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg, an area known for its high-tech industry.

In all about 100 people visited the Nettroplis stand and saw the demonstrations. There was good interaction with the visitors, many of whom made suggestions for other products or services that they would like to see Nettropolis develop. There was also a lot of interest in the results of the trial at VBK.

"We were encouraged by the reaction that we received from customers who are eager to put the solution into the hands of their employees" - Frank Leibold, CFO of Nettroplis

It was clear from all the exhibitors at the event that there is an increasing focus on the adoption of new and innovative technologies such as mobile devices and the Cloud in the transport sector. The Secretary General of the UITP underlined the point when he said:

"I want to urge all stakeholders to carry on to invest into the brilliant combination of IT and public transport. We must follow the same paths as that of the automobile industry and focus on innovation."

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