Wednesday, 2 April 2014

MobiCloud at Speedy Integrated Services Show with COMIT

Last week MobiCloud partner COMIT were at the Speedy Integrated Services Show in Telford, UK. Speedy are a large supplier of hired products and services to the construction industry and their show is the largest of its kind in Europe.

Mark Collier of Costain demonstrating the Site Diary App
Mark Collier from Costain attended, along with members of COMIT and demonstrated the MobiCloud Site Diary App - complete with hi-visibility jacket and hard hat.

Mark was also invited by Speedy to sit on the expert panel of a leadership session on Mobilising the Workforce in Construction and Industry. Mark took the opportunity to describe the MobiCloud project and to explain how it was playing its part in doing just that.

Iain Miskimmin from COMIT speaking & Mark Collier on left of panel
The Speedy show was a two-day event and COMIT were there for the whole thing. Plenty of people dropped by and there was a definite interest in everything cloud and BIM (building information modelling). The latter seems to be leading to a greater interest in and development of the former, since BIM requires the sharing of huge quantities of data which can only really be facilitated cost effectively by using cloud technologies.

The UK government's BIM strategy, which was launched in 2011, mandates that all public sector centrally procured construction projects must be delivered using BIM by 2016. BIM is not just about modelling the construction process, but about seamlessly sharing information between stages and stakeholders within the process.

“BIM will integrate the construction process and, therefore, the construction industry"
Graham Watts, OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Construction Industry Council

There is real synergy between BIM and cloud-based technologies such as those being developed as part of MobiCloud, which bodes well for the future of the project.
For more information about the Speedy event please see the COMIT blog.

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