Monday, 30 June 2014

Appear Launch IQ 8.1

MobiCloud lead partner Appear  Networks just announced the public launch of Appear IQ 8.1 – the latest version of the mobile application enablement technology which is powering the MobiCloud project. 

The Mobicloud platform is now open to all developers, ISVs, Integrators and other software development organisations. ISVs (such as Nettropolis who are delivering their MobiCloud project for the public transit market in Germany) have already been using the platform to deliver professional mobility solutions to their customers - extending their existing software platform or building new propositions. 

Appear IQ enables the creation of professional looking, enterprise-grade mobile apps that are easily integrated with existing B2B/B2E software and distributed to end users. 

Appear IQ 8.1 includes a new Mobile SDK that simplifies the development of hybrid containerized HTML5 apps, a new Integration SDK to enable the apps to integrate to IT systems seamlessly without impacting the existing software, Support for PhoneGap / Cordova apps and a new community website with example code fragments, templates and more.

The new community website is designed around the expectations of developers - providing full documentation for the MobiCloud technology.

To learn more and to sign-up for a free user account development teams are invited to check out the new documentation site at

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